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Electroland LLC

Ft Lauderdale Airport, FL


Pack your bags and find yourself greeted by a top-secret project for Ft. Lauderdale's Terminal 4. You'll be stoked to have your feet on the ground for this one...


Symmetry Labs

Wishing Tree, Banyan Tree

West Palm Beach, FL


As a Production Technician and Rigger for the marriage of organic life and technology we were met with many challenges to produce a 100,000+ LED light tree believable enough to question the human eye. This awe-inspiring build came together to yield wide eyes, jaw drops, and a thousand and more wishes to boot.


Empire of Love

Flying Mountains for COSM, NY


When my dear friend, Shrine, asked if I wanted to be apart of creating these beacons of good will and installing them as a gift for Alex and Allyson Gray, I was excited to start immediately. You can find the flying mountains adorning the fire pit of COSM and singing a can-tassle lullaby on a windy night.

Snapseed 6.jpg

Bamboo DNA

Red Sea Star, Orlando EDC

Towering at 46ft the visually and utilitarian effects of bamboo, fabric, and artistry of Gerard Minakawa manifest a playground like no other. Involved in fabrication, rigging, and installation, there is hardly a team comparable I'd trust to be on to make magic for the masses.